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We’ve got only one planet and one human race. Let’s be fashionably ethical.

What is ethical? You asked.

Socially Ethical

We are strong believers in justice, respect and dignity for all people, including clothing makers, everywhere.

Environmentally Ethical

Fast fashion is one of the top 10 most polluting industries. We can do better to leave a liveable!!! planet for future generations.


Socially Ethical

You have the power to make a difference. Vote with your wallet, buy ethically made clothes. Here is what we care about:

  • Fair wages and job security
  • Safe & reasonable work conditions
  • No child labor


Environmentally Ethical

Fast fashion is one of the top 10 most polluting industries in the world. If we don’t change our behaviour, our kids will pay the price. Here is our environmental focus:

  • No toxic chemicals
  • Sustainable & recycled materials
  • No animal products

Our Story

The journey to build Ethycally started when our founder Mo came back home after a long day at work, and decided to watch a documentary. After looking through the hundreds of documentaries online, he settled on the “The True Cost”. Little did he know that this documentary would change his life. Few minutes into the film, Mo was already feeling uneasy with the terrible working conditions of garment workers. By the end of the film, after seeing all the atrocities and the collapsed garment factories that killed thousands, he decided to do some fact checking online just to find out that not only fast fashion has a very negative impact on workers, but it’s devastating effects on the environment.

From that point on, Mo made the decision to buy only ethically made clothes. There was just one problem, how and where to find a lot of good options? After a few searches, he realized that it was hard to find ethically made clothes as there was no single place for that. He had to do a lot of searching, jumping from site to site and a lot of fact checking to make sure brands were true to their sustainable/ethical claims. After many desperate attempts and much frustration, he realized that there was an opportunity to create a directory where vetted ethical brands could be linked. But then he realized there was another issue with that, customers will be turned off from buying ethically made clothes if they had to go on multiple websites to purchase multiple items.

A marketplace instead was the best solution to this problem. After making a phone call to his friend Omar to ask if he was interested in starting the marketplace together, Mo decided to leave Google and Omar decided to leave Samsung and pursue the mission to take the guesswork out of buying ethically made products.

The idea was to create a marketplace that only sells products from vetted ethical brands. After many conversations with stakeholders, the team made another important realization: there were so many organizations and social influencers advocating for justice for garment workers and better environmental practices. However, these people lacked technology knowledge and funds to operate.

Coming from Google, a company known for sharing technology and revenues with partners, the team decided to build a business model where Ethycally-built technology and sales revenues are shared with organizations and influencers that work to promote ethical fashion. It is a win-win-win situation where brands get to sell their products, garment workers get a livable wage and nonprofit organizations get technology and funds to educate the public about the importance of buying ethical products.

The mission of Ethycally is generational. We believe that the actions we take today determine how well we and future generations will live. We only have one planet, and we need to make sure we leave it in better condition than we found it.


Whether you are shopping for her, him or the little ones, we are the go-to marketplace for everything ethical fashion.

Be ethycallyst.


About Us

Our mission is to build the best community and the biggest marketplace for ethical fashion in the world.

Ethycally is built by a team of entrepreneurs who are very passionate about justice, the environment and fashion. Our goal is to build a community & marketplace where ethical fashion brands can meet, exhibit and sell products to ethical shoppers and hear their feedback.

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